Mystery Ranch Mission Stuffel 30

A nicely featured packable duffle bag, with some serious caveats.

The idea behind this bag is that it is a self-contained packable duffel bag. The entire bag, with the straps, packs up into one of the pockets. At the same time, it can be expanded out to a full duffel which has a set of straps that allow it to be worn as a backpack if/when needed.

It comes in three sizes: 30L, 45L, 60L. Here, I am looking at the 30L model. I picked this up at the start of the year, to use on any trip as a backup bag. The type of bag you would use any time you find that you maybe bought too much to fit in the bags you have with you.

I’ve not had to use it in that role as of yet, however I have tested it in various capacities — it’s not a home run, but it’s far from bad.

Size and Specs

I’ll only focus on the 30L variant here, which is made from 330d Hitra Robic Nylon — it feels pretty close to 500D. No complaints there. When fully expanded you have a pack that is 20.5” long by 10” wide, and 9.5” deep. That’s a decently sized bag, while keeping it pretty narrow to make it easier to carry.

The downside to this all is that when packed down, it’s pretty large. It packs down into an oval shape, which is about 10” x 10.5” x 4” — which matches my experience. It fairly easy to pack up, or deploy. You are not going to wow anyone, but you can typically find a spot in checked luggage, or a car, to stow this as a backup. The packed size is not only easy to do, but has a lot of “squish” to it, so it’s not a bloated measurement.

The one thing to know about this is that the volume is split between two compartments. The storage compartment, and the main area. This means it’s not a full 20.5” of space you have, nor is it a contiguous 30L of space. The bottom 4” or so are another compartment all together. There are upsides and downsides of this, but as executed I think it is mostly a downside here. The smaller area is simply too small on this bag, and it would have been a bigger benefit if it were all one space.

In Use

One thing I need to point out is that I have toted this all over with me since getting it, and never once did I get to use it for my intended reasons for buying. I did, however, need it on one trip and the bag proved too small to actually use it, because the space is divided. So, instead, I had to manufacture some uses for testing it out.

Here’s the notable things about this:

  • Even though the dimensions of the bag when packed up are not that small, it is still small enough that I never had trouble stashing it away inside a bag or vehicle.
  • None of the straps are great on this. It’s not something you will want to carry very much, the straps are more something that are there for quick use — not for extended use.
  • If you are looking for an easy to stow bag that you might occasionally move in and out of something — then the dual compartment nature might be handy. If you want an overflow bag for just in case, the dual pocket nature of this is going to be very hit and miss for you.

When playing around with what fits, and how this bag carries. It’s rather smartly designed and at 30L it’s not so much that you will really be killed by over packing it and the lack of padding on the straps. At the same time, it’s much more fully featured and smartly designed than other bags in this size class. So the crucial mistake for me might have been picking 30L instead of 45L.


I struggle to give you an overall sense of this one because I have no strong feelings about it one way or the other. It is both: well thought out and better designed than expected; but also a little frustrating and limiting at times and the straps are just no good.

It is perfectly fine I guess, but perhaps best to grab when it is on sale.

Buy here, $89.

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