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Your Insta has never seen a pouch as hot as this.

This little pouch is popular in the EDC community. I am not entirely sure why that is, perhaps because it is small enough you can toss it in a pocket if you really want to. Maybe it’s the many color combinations and limited editions that come out. Perhaps it’s because they offer a neat place to store your gear in between shots of said gear for Instagram. Really, the possibilities seem endless.

I snagged one second hand as I don’t have whatever notification system is being use for the drops on these.

It’s not very great.

Size and Specs

This is 3.5″ x 4.5″ on the interior space, and it unzips fully such that it can lay flat. It has little open top pockets and elastic webbing to hold things inside. On the outside, one side is loop for morale, and the other side has a zippered compartment for other things.

Look: it’s small. If you have grand visions of this holding anything remotely large, you will not be happy. That said, it can hold a lot of little things — more than you might expect when you see how small it is in person.

In Use

As I mentioned, this isn’t great. It’s not completely bad — I get the draw here. But this is one of those pouches where you buy it because you like the pouch, and then you spend a lot of time making compromises with your gear selections to buy/find gear that fits neatly inside of it.

That’s odd to me. I like gear a lot, but I like to find the best gear and then buy something to house it if/when I need something to hold it. Buying something to hold gear, and then filling it with niche gear to fit in said thing is what is odd to me and backwards to how it should work.

But when you frame your mind with that in context, this is a good pouch. It is really neat, not a lot out there like this, and if your stuff fits then it’s great for you.

But, if you are looking at this the flip way — something to fit gear you have or will have — then this pouch isn’t very great. The thing is, stuff doesn’t really stay put, the pouches are not really versatile, and generally I find this to be too limited as a pouch.

It does look cool, if impractical.


At $50 this is not a bad price, but at $50 and a lot of effort to get these when they drop, I don’t know that they are worth it. The one I have is “Royal Blue” and while I tried hard to make it work in my setups, I never found it particularly useful. Perhaps if you never carry other pouches, and all you need is to organize a few small things — then maybe.

Otherwise it seems like a thing you buy to snap pictures of and not much else. It is well made, so there’s that.

Find the page for them here.

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