‘Dear men, stop dressing like trash’

We really need to start caring about our appearance.

Matt Ruby, writing for his newsletter:

We’re still coming to terms with all the different ways pandemic broke us. Perhaps the most unsightly: It normalized employed men dressing like trash.

You need to read the entire thing before you assume you know what will be said. It’s fast and fun to read. And it’s 100% true.

His comments on SBF, basketball/football coaches. Attire in the airports. Attire in tech. It’s all so very true, and very sad. When you dress well, you feel great. Sometimes you should dress well out of respect for something: the recently deceased; the institution; or the date you want to like you. Other times you should dress well out of respect for yourself.

And dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. I know you remember it being that way, but that’s likely because the clothing didn’t fit well, or was of low quality. Dressing well also doesn’t mean spending loads of money. But, other people can help you sort that out.

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