Allett Sport Wallet Leather Edition

A really practical wallet, but I am not interested in strictly practical things.

I set out to find a new wallet which could handle more cash better, not for everyday use, but for travel when I tend to bring more cash with me day to day. A friend recommended I look at Allett, and I ended up snagging thier Sport Wallet in Merlot leather. The idea with this brand is that they create a classic looking wallet with modern techniques, and they do it in very slim formats to keep the bulk at bay.

It all sounds good, and it leads to a really good, but shy of great, wallet.

Materials & Storage

This wallet is designed for front pocket carry of 2-10 cards with cash. The primary features are:

  • RFID-blocking
  • Top Grain Napa leather exterior
  • Bluesign®-certified ripstop nylon interior
  • Secure no-slip card grip in the card pockets
  • Pocket for Allett Micro Pen
  • 0.8oz
  • 3.125” x 3.75” x 0.25”

It’s a well constructed wallet, and feels nice in hand, very floppy to fold and open. This is also the thinnest of the folding leather wallets I have tried, seen, used in the past. All of the above reasons are why I ended up getting this.

In Use

I’ll do the end of this section first: this wallet is actually really nice to use and functions nearly perfectly. There’s some nuance to this as always, so I’ll quickly go through all that.

  • The leather is very soft feeling in hand, but you can tell it’s exceedingly thin. It feels like leather was added to appease people who want leather wallets (me), not because Allett thinks it is a good wallet material. It feels almost waxy, and I wouldn’t think twice if you told me it was vegan leather. It’s certainly not bad, but it doesn’t scratch the leather itch if what you want is supple leather in your hand.
  • I’m impressed with how well this wallet stays folded when it has a bunch of cash in it, and how small it stays when loaded up. It’s well designed to do this, and is very much counter to a lot of other wallets which take a more minimalistic design approach.
  • I bought the pen with this wallet since there are two spots you can carry it in. The pen is awful to use and look at. And it makes the wallet substantially worse to carry. Instead of the wallet having slight bend in your pocket, there’s now a small aluminum rod making the wallet feel shitty and making things thicker. This micro pen thing seems to be a big selling point for these wallets, but the pen is shitty, and makes the wallet shittier.
  • The non-slip grip for the card slots is fantastic and works tremendously well. It’s not so much grip that you struggle to get cards out, but it is more than enough to keep the cards in place if the wallet goes tumbling out of your hand. I am a huge fan of this.
  • There’s very little penalty for carrying this wallet with only a couple of cards and a few bills. It also readily expands to carry a ton of stuff, which is impressive.
  • It really is lightweight, and it is crazy when you get it (for leather).

I found this wallet really easy to use and functionally spot on for everything except that pen slot.


There’s nothing wrong with this wallet, but there’s nothing really special about using it either. It feels very utilitarian, while being totally good. When I need to interact with my wallet, I want it to feel really nice in hand, and look visibly nice — not every one wants this, but I do — and because of that this wallet doesn’t scratch the itch for me.

I also suspect this wallet would be better in the non-leather version as the leather really isn’t worth paying for. This is a totally good wallet, but totally not for me.

Buy here, $58

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