A Free Guide to Flashlights for Restaurants, Bars, and other low-light Service Industries

It doesn’t cost a lot to have much better lighting at your restaurant.

I have no way of knowing how widespread this is throughout the world, but I do see this often enough in person that I need to provide some help and guidance. It’s that moment when someone comes to explain something to you on a menu, and they bust out a flashlight to help read the menu in the dimly lit restaurant — to your horror the ice blue light reflects back at you causing you to squint in terror while still not being able to read the menu any better. There’s shadows everywhere, and the ambiance was destroyed almost as quickly as our idea of freedom was when you became an adult. Your pupils shrink, and so does your appetite.

In other words, that perfectly balanced ambiance that a professional spent hours designing was instantly destroyed by a $20 Amazon purchase which no one took the time to think about.

This is easily fixed, and not even that expensive. So dear restaurants, please allow me to help.

Stealth Ambiance Preserving Flashlights for Service Staff

I get it, your menu is fancy looking but the contrast is low and the text is small, and your clientele can never seem to read it when you point out specials. That’s ok, you don’t need to blind them with awful blue LEDs. For $20 you can get the Weltool M6 which is a pen sized light that broadcasts a nearly perfectly uniformly bright circle of warm white light. It’s perfectly designed for reading without glare. I’d tip larger if my waiter had this.

Lit with an M6 Mini

M6 Light for $20

Lit with a $300 flashlight not designed for reading a page with it.

(If you need to check IDs at a door, they make the M6 UV for $24 that will light up the watermarks for you. Excellent companion light. Also for watch retailers to show off lume, I can’t believe they don’t all have these, and when they do they are some bargain budget light to show off a $10,000 watch. Absurd.)

Avoid Flashlights, Keep the Ambiance, Add Better Table Lighting

Ok look, I found out about these at a restaurant and I’m buying them for my house too. They come in a huge range of styles and colors, they are rad. They are little table lights that offer a solid CRI, dimmable light, three color temps in each light and IP54 rating. All that and they run for 13hrs on a charge. Fucking rad. Skip the flashlights for your menu reading and give your patrons some nice table lights.

Pina Pro for $150


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