Quick Thoughts on Ateliers Penelope Pouches

Some really nice pouches.

I choose to believe that I am not the only one who finds buying pouches a very addictive distraction. They are small, and usually not very much money, so why not? That’s how I ended up with the Handy Pouch from Ateliers Penelope. I was so impressed with the build and character, I picked up a laptop sleeve as well to try out in a bag which was sorely lacking in the laptop sleeving abilities.

Both are fantastic, rather than full reviews, a couple of notes on what makes both pouches much better than you might think they are.

First, the two pouches: Handy Pouch and the Laptop 13.

There’s really a few aspects which carry over between both of these worth noting:

  • Sizing: although these are both very different pouches, I’ve found them to both be really nicely sized for the intended uses. And by that I mean they are not slightly too small to fit what you’d actually want to carry, nor are they comically large and thus too bulky. Generally they seem to perfectly hold what they are designed to hold. The laptop sleeve holds my MacBook Air really nicely (the the images are of my daughter’s older MacBook Air), without any complaints. The Handy Pouch holds a lot of gear in a really compact form factor, without being at that annoying sizing where seemingly common objects won’t fit in the direction which makes the most sense for them.
  • Zippers: while these look like they might not be great brass zippers, they operate very smoothly. Often with brass zippers (looking at you Filson) they can scratch your hands as you brush past them, or snag loose woven goods. Not here, as these are very smooth both in operation and against your hands. I’m a big fan of the zippers chosen, which are often overlooked on pouches.
  • Material: the canvas used is the real winner here. It’s not waxed, which is the correct application of canvas for a pouch which is meant to go inside another bag. No one needs wax coatings marring your gear or the lining of your bags. No, this is plain canvas, and it is really nice feeling canvas. Both pouches feel like they will last a lifetime, feel like something you want to hold in your hands, and look nice on top of all of that.

On top of all of that, they are priced really nicely as each is under $50. This is a brand I find hard not to buy one of each size/design they make. I use these off and on all the time, and they seem as though they will be around for some time to come.

Big fans, be sure to check them out.

Oh, I should mention, the Handy Pouch is a near perfect size for the Hardgraft H Small Messenger, as it stands up vertically in the bag, and holds a ton. I use it there all the time.

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