Quick Thoughts on Yuruliku Pouches

Fantastic pouches if you are a stationary person.

In a spending happy spree, I stumbled on to Yuruliku pouches, while they are stationary focused — I had visions of them being hidden everyday carry pouch gems. I picked up three different pouches, and while each is very good, I have struggled a bit to put them to good use.

Here are some quick thoughts on these since I’ve had them for a long time now.

Materials & Construction

The pouches I have are made from cotton. The Filing Pouch is a water-repellent cotton which feels Ventile-like. The two FLAT cases are vegetable-dyed cotton canvas, which seems to patina just like waxed canvas, but without the wax. It’s pretty wild.

The Filing Pouch materials is, frankly, nothing to write home about. However the FLAT material is fantastic. It is very soft, and looks heritage out of the box, with the benefit of accepting more patina over years of use — while also not messing up the lining of your bags with wax transfer.

The zippers on all of the pouches are excellent. And the craftsmanship is top notch — which is a little unexpected given the relatively low price point on each of these.

General Thoughts

Yuruliku does a good job in the production images I am linking to, showing you what these pouches are designed to hold. I’ve found that you should abide by that to determine if you want/need one of these — meaning it’s hard to use them in ways not shown by the company. All of these pouches share these characteristics:

  • Really low bulk storage, with a much larger capacity than you might think. They are slim, but not rigid, so they can accept non-flat items well.
  • Fantastic grab and go pouches.
  • The org is really clever inside each pouch, while only taking up a little interior space.

Diving into the FLAT Tool case, this is my favorite of the lot. It’s a really great size, and the organization is a little more pen/paper agnostic. I used this as a slim first aid pouch in my backpack before moving it to my grab and go storage for pens and paper notecards. It feels great for either, and since it opens clam shell, it makes getting to what I need quick and easy.

The FLAT Tool case 3-pen, is very similar, but is the hardest to use for something other than pens. If carrying three or so pens is your thing, this is a great pouch, but if you are not wanting to use it for pens, you’re going to struggle to find a use on this one.

Lastly, the Filing Pouch A6 is perhaps my least favorite looking pouch, but the more versatile pouch of the three. It’s quite nice to use in practice, and given the taco-style opening, it makes for a secure way to carry smaller items. This one seems to come and go from my carry rotation, and is generally a good pouch, which I would use more if it had the other material for the shell.

The Brand Overall

While most of the products Yuruliku sells are not something I have a good use for, they are quite well made and well priced items.

See them all here.

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