Member Journal — 5/13/24

A deep dive into why the MacBook Air is now a better buy than the iPads, and a $20 bag.

This week: let’s talk about expensive new iPads, and a $20 bag.

## iPad prices are too damned high

One of the core benefits of this site is, unlike many other sites, I am not chasing page views. I am not even really chasing new members — so much as I chase retaining the current members (big thanks to those who Memberful tell me have been members for 7+ years now, *wow*). That single focus allows me to avoid frantically posting coverage and hot takes (or publish them if I want) — instead I often sit back and publish more measured hot takes whenever the hell I please. If you want those hot-hot takes, come hang out in the Discord.

But, here’s my thoughts on the new iPad Pros:

Let’s dive into this, shall we? Because this was an event I was waiting for, anticipating buying new devices after, and am let down by.

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