Filson’s Outlet Summer Sale

Good deals, great brand.

Good prices on a lot of their clothing.

Some of my faves I’ll vouch for:

  • Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt: it’s a classic look, without all the heat. I love mine, really great weight. (Second link with more colors, Filson’s sales are odd like that.)
  • Alaskan Guide Shirt: or if you live somewhere colder, this is the classic.
  • Forestry Cloth Cruiser: this is like a Filson take on a chore style jacket, in the cruiser cut. The wool is very smooth on the hand, and not overly warm. Runs big, but damn is it great.
  • Down Jac Shirt: this was my warmest layer during 20°F days in Durango last winter, it’s fantastic. It also packs down exceptionally well.
  • Washed Feather Cloth Short Sleeve: I’ve been living in these to unpack the house. A great and easy shirt, which is pretty lightweight. Big fan, I sized down one letter size from my standard.
  • Field Flannel: this is an odd one, but I think underrated. It has a lining almost, and it’s really soft and moves great. The Alaskan Guide flannels tend to be stiff until you wear them in, but this is soft out of the box. If being in a cold place, with a whiskey, by a fire is your thing, then this is your shirt.

Shop the rest here.

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