What would you buy first?

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: if you had to start over, buying all of your apps from scratch, in what order would you buy them (the assumption being you couldn’t afford to re-buy them all at once, but over time you could afford them all). I have been thinking about this for a while now and I started with a list of all the apps I normally use that I would need to purchase. From there I started arranging them in order of what I would buy first.

Here’s where I stand:

That’s my order — I’m curious to see how you would order your own list, if you have a blog and create a post like this please share it with me.

I’ll try to add links below as I get them.

Reader’s Lists:

Let me know if I missed you.

  1. Yes this is technically free, but if you want it to be a success you need to start paying.
  2. This is higher on the list than I want it to be, but my job necessitates it.
  3. Assuming this will be priced above free.
Originally posted for members on: May 4, 2011
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