Jim Travers:

>In the video, TomTom CEO Harold Goodijn stresses that the tracking of its devices is voluntary and that customers can choose not to allow it.
>TomTom says the company has provided this data to police departments and other authorities to help them identify congested areas for safety reasons and to help determine where road capacity needs to be increased. Mr. Goodijn says TomTom had been unaware Dutch police were using the data to choose locations for speed traps and that the company would prevent that type of usage in the future.

Correct me if I am wrong, but here’s how the above basically reads: “I mean, look, these people asked for the location data and so we gave it to them. It’s not like we *knew* what they were going to do with that data. Look, if users really cared — then why’d they leave the tracking feature turned on? Here’s what I am going to do, I am going to go down and tell cops that they can’t use our data in that way. No, I will still sell them the data, but I will amend the ToS for the usage.”

Yeah — you get the picture.

Posted by Ben Brooks