Quick Thought: Dedicated Instapaper Device

Here’s a thought I had after reading about the discount applied towards Nooks if you buy a subscription to select periodicals: What if instead of buying an e-reader that is book-centric, you get an e-reader that is Instapaper-centric (with the ability to side load eBooks)?

That is a device dedicated to Instapaper from the ground up so the primary focus is still reading, but not reading books.

It would be my guess that people churn through Instapaper articles much faster than they do through a book and therefore a dedicated (of sorts) Instapaper device could prove more beneficial to consumers than a dedicated book reading device.

I agree that Instapaper is fantastic on the iPad and excellent on the iPhone/iPod touch, but wouldn’t a Kindle like device that downloaded only your Instapaper articles, as you saved them, be a fantastic device?

I think so.

You can certainly send articles to your Kindle from Instapaper, but that’s not something that the general consumer is likely to do. Essentially I want a Kindle type hardware device that is actually a curation of the articles I want to read from the web.

The Instapaper device becomes my new newspaper, my hub, and books are relegated to the back burner — where their true priority is in my life.

Just a thought, but I think it could be neat.

Originally posted for members on: January 10, 2012
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