I love being right. Matthew Shaer:

Well, hey – not so fast. According to one Wall Street analyst, Apple has now extended its exclusive partnership with AT&T for at least six more months, meaning that Verizon users probably won’t get their mitts on an iPhone before 2010 is out.

I will go out and say it again, I don’t think Verizon will be getting the iPhone anytime soon. Apple simply doesn’t like to make many different versions of their products and Verizon is not an international carrier like AT&T. They have some world phones but they are expensive quad-band phones. AT&T is an international standard complaint carrier (much like T-Mobile).

Apple does not want to make one phone for the U.S. and one for everyone else. They also don’t want to be forced to make the iPhone more expensive (or reduce their profit margin) by making it a quad band phone.

Even more telling is the fact that they advertise talking on the phone, while getting data from an App or the web on the phone. Verizon’s network is not capable of doing this. This should slam the door shut in the face of anyone waiting for a Verizon phone.

Further if you have been waiting 3 years now to get the iPhone because you want it on Verizon – pull your head out of your ass. I don’t mean to go all ‘fanboy’ here, but it is like not wanting to buy a computer until you get one that comes standard with a drink holder. Don’t be silly, make your life easier.

Posted by Ben Brooks