No they shouldn’t. Will they, probably not.

Brian X. Chen:

Reasonable people can disagree over whether it was ethical for Gizmodo to purchase the lost iPhone prototype, but the police action — kicking down Jason Chen’s door to seize his computers — was overboard. It was self-evidently a clumsy move: After damaging Chen’s property, the police paused the investigation to study whether the journalists’ Shield Law protected Chen. The proper action would have been to issue a subpoena to get Chen to talk about the device first. Apple, which instigated the police action by filing a stolen property complaint, should publicly apologize to Chen (no relation to the author of this post) and reimburse him for the damages.

RWow thanks Brian Chen, I guess I will find the person who stole all my shit in college and go apologize to him for filing a police report. Come to think of it we should legalize stealing, I mean I wouldn’t want the police taking someones personal possessions just to try and solve a crime…

Posted by Ben Brooks