WWDC Announcement: iPhone 4

Features so far:

  • Thinnest iPhone yet 24% thinner than the 3GS – thinnest smart phone on the planet.
  • Front facing camera.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • New Design (Gizmodo did have the actual design with the phone they bought).
  • The metal band is actually 3 antennas (clever).
  • 4x the pixel density called Retina display (326 ppi highest in a phone ever for really sharp text). This is a game changer for app design, if you thought apps looked great on the iPhone already – you haven’t seen anything yet.
  • Existing apps will look better on this display without the developers having to do a thing. This will help the app developers take time to design for the new interface instead of doing a rush job.
  • Powered by the A4 chip (iPad chip) and if the speed of the iPad is any indication this thing should fly.
  • Improved battery life: 7 hours 3G talk, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing, 10 hours movies, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby – all in all about 40% more talk time.
  • 32gb Max storage
  • Quad-band HSDPA / HSUPA
  • 802.11n WI-Fi (yes)
  • Three axis Gyroscope for better gaming (this is tied to the GPS to give developers 6-axis motion sensing – very cool)
  • All new camera: 5 megapixels with the same pixel density (this is good) and an LED flash. Tap to focus (like the 3GS) and backside illuminated sensor.
  • The iPhone can record HD video – I wet myself when I heard this. 720p @ 30fps. Record and edit on the phone LED flash will stay on to illuminate the scene. (this could kill the Flip Cam)
  • iOS 4
  • iBooks (as part of iOS 4, presumably available on all iPhones)
  • FaceTime – video calling. (what a great name) This is Wi-Fi only as I predicted it would be. This also does the video in either landscape or portrait, though I can’t imagine holding it in landscape to make the calls. Also Jobs demoed two people talking in sign language on the phone, which is, well just amazing. Working to get it over Cell networks (fat chance with AT&T) and you can switch between front and rear cameras automatically.
  • Comes in White and Black (I have been a White iPhone guy, but it doesn’t look so great to me this time around)
  • 16gb for $199 and 32gb for $299
  • AT&T will upgrade any customer whose contract expires in 2010.
  • Pre-order next week for June 24th launch

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