Month: February 2011



  • TUAW Doesn’t Get It

    Victor Agreda, Jr writing on Mac OS X Lion’s NDA: It’s become painfully clear that Apple wants all of us to poke and prod and test and above all write, record and post about Lion. I am assuming that they are referring to this, from Apple’s developer website: In case you can’t read that, this […]

  • The Very Rich Indie Writer

    A fantastic look at how a large group of previously unknown writers are striking it big by solely publishing with the Kindle store. The 100,000 sales a month mark set by Hocking isn’t likely, but there is a huge group hovering around 2,500 a month — that is enough to earn a living off of […]

  • New In-Game Advertising Model

    Christopher Mims on Tap Me’s new game advertising model: So imagine your in-game avatar is about to start its race across the game world. Want a speed boost? OK, here’s one for free — but it’s got the Nike logo plastered across it. Want the ability to fly? Why not let Red Bull give you […]

  • Answering Reader Email: MacBook Pros and Airs

    I try to make an effort to answer all email that comes in (I will never get a response to everything though) and this email from Tyler Guidry stands out as one that I thought my response was best shared with all my readers. Here’s Tyler’s email: […] You did a great write up on […]

  • Quote of the Day: MG Siegler

    “Just like the floppy disk before it, the optical disc will fade into irrelevance. And now you see why Apple has never included a Blu-ray drive in any of their machines.” — MG Siegler

  • The B&B Podcast – A Technology Talk Show

    Halfway into January Shawn Blanc and I had an idea to start a technology talk show, we both quickly began learning about podcasting and getting some sweet high-quality microphones. During all this we recorded practices episodes, until a few weeks ago we kept things hush-hush. A few weeks ago we teased our Twitter followers with […]

  • How To Turn A Laser Into A Tractor Beam [Not Ready for the Enterprise Yet]

    The Technology Review: If the scattering angle is just right, the total momentum in the direction of propagation can be negative, meaning the particle is pulled back towards the source and the light becomes a tractor beam. I don’t know what I want more now: a laser that cuts through walls or a tractor beam. […]

  • Quick Takes on Five Apps No. Two

    Last week was the first installment of the ‘Quick Takes on Five Apps’ posts that I plan on doing weekly — if you missed that be sure to go take a look at it. Here is the second installment. Thermo (iPhone) Sometimes all you need to know is the temperature outside based on where you […]

  • The Brooks Review in the Kindle Store

    If you are interested in getting TBR’s article only feed pushed directly to your Kindle check then this is for you. Unfortunately I don’t decide the pricing and Amazon has chosen $1.99 a month for the service. Remember this is for the articles only feed, so you won’t be bombarded with linked list items.

  • “Apple gets back to basics in Mac OS X Lion”

    David Chartier on Lion: Just like switching between apps on an iPad or iPhone, or even restarting the device, Resume is Lion’s official support for third-party Mac apps to pick up right where they left off, even after a restart. That’s not merely a good idea in iOS, it’s just a good idea for any […]

  • DropPhox

    I have been wanting something like this for a while: take a picture and have it instantly uploaded to DropBox. It is a great little app with a very specific user in mind: me. [via One Thing Well]

  • Why Is Scrolling Backwards In OS X Lion?

    Leander Kahney: Confused? You will be. It undoes years of muscle memory. So why would Apple do this? Confused the heck out of me — I had to turn it off. But I do know they did this for those who are confused as to why iOS and Mac OS scroll differently.

  • 2011 MacBook Pro – CPU crunch

    Bare Feats: The fastest 2011 13″ MacBook Pro runs faster than the fastest 2010 17″ MacBook Pro. Wow and the new 17″ is really fast, impressive speed bumps.

  • At Bat 11

    It’s baseball season and that means that one of the best iOS apps is back: MLB at Bat ’11. I bought it for both the iPad and iPhone and I have to say it is just as good as ever. Go M’s

  • Moving iTunes Backup Folder

    Yesterday I was cleaning off my HD getting ready to partition it so that I could install the Lion beta. At the time I had 70 GB free and I was a little bummed that my Lion partition was going to need to be small. I started using the excellent DaisyDisk tool to analyze what […]

  • OS X Lion Adds TRIM

    TRIM support is key to the long-term viability of SSD based storage, glad to see that it has been added.

  • [PSA] Girl Scout Cookies

    I got lucky on Sunday and a friend of my wife’s hooked us up with a lot of Girl Scout cookies (we paid). Here’s the thing: I bought seven boxes of Thin Mints — why? Because Thin Mints are clearly the best, I don’t care what you think. The Girl Scouts should be showing up […]

  • I Feel the NEED, The Need for Speed

    How do you get users to adopt a piece of software that is ugly and unintuitive? You make it stupidly fast. That’s exactly what Google has done with Chrome 10. When the beta was announced, I read up and saw what seemed to be unreal benchmarks for the javascript speed. Since removing Flash from my […]

  • Spotting Influencers in Big Companies

    Lauren Cox reporting a on new business tool for analyzing your internal communications network: Johnson says Syndio Social also works with companies undergoing mergers and acquisitions. “It’s making sure the right folks who hold things together aren’t fired in the merger,” he says. “If you have a company that has three people who tie things […]

  • CrunchGear’s Motorola Xoom Review

    John Biggs: Is it – or will it be – the best Honeycomb tablet out there? I doubt it, but Motorola has offered a strong showing out of the gate and I was very impressed at the build quality and attention to detail, at least when it came to UI and physical design. From what […]