Random Thoughts Gleaned From the SXSWi Trade Show Floor

I took a quick hour long stroll through the trade show floor during my visit and here are some random things that popped into my head as I wandered around.

  • Blogger still exists. I don’t exactly know what it does anymore, but I did see their logo.
  • If your booth is across from Google’s booth you better get used to looking at the backs of potential customers. It really isn’t even fair.
  • SEO marketing booths look exactly how you would expect SEO marketing booths to look. By that I mean they look like crap and everybody speeds up a half tick as they walk by.
  • The trade show really is not that happening of a place.
  • WordPress geniuses were on hand and I thought that was pretty neat. I didn’t quiz any of them, but the booth was packed with people talking to them.
  • The only product I stopped to play with was the DAS keyboard. Which is a mechanical keyboard and is very loud and requires a firm keystroke. The keyboards weren’t connected to anything so I couldn’t get a good test of how typing on them is, but I am, and always have been, intrigued by them.


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