Month: June 2011



  • The Brooks Report Card

    Myke and Terry were kind enough to have me on the Bro Show again. This time around we talked about WWDC, hardware rumors, the Nokia N9, and ArringtonCrunch/Aol. These guys are a lot of fun so be sure to check out this episode.

  • That Flickr iPhone Data

    Amazing iPhone camera usage being reported by Flickr, especially after you take into account the fact that they can’t count all the photos taken with the iPhone.

  • Review: Agenda

    Since the iPhone came out I have been less than enamored with the stock calendar app — it’s not that it is *bad* — it’s that the stock calendar app doesn’t meet my [calendar criteria]( To sum up the linked post about calendars: I don’t see any reason why a calendar app should ever show…

  • Steve Jobs: Wedding Photographer

    Carolyne Zinko and Carrie Kirby: >No official wedding photo was available because the photographers — Jobs and Ellison’s son, David — had not finished preparing them for the photo album yet, Ellison said. That would be Steve Jobs they are talking about. This isn’t really news, but it leaves me with so many questions: 1.…

  • 5 Months of Customer Service Hell with HTC

    Lucas Dailey writing about getting a replacement for his HTC EVO: >It took over 5 months, between 18-22 long calls to HTC (and a few to Sprint), explaining the problem in great detail to maybe 10-15 people, and easily hundreds of hours without a working phone. All to fix a defective phone under warranty with…

  • WordPress Breach

    Matt Mullenweg on today’s WordPress security breach: >Second, if you use AddThis, WPtouch, or W3 Total Cache and there’s a possibility you could have updated in the past day, make sure to visit your updates page and upgrade each to the latest version. Passwords used on have been reset too. Be sure to update.…

  • Maximizing OS X with an SSD plus HDD Setup

    Matt Legend Gemmell has an awesome walkthrough on how he has maximized the speed of his iMac using both the SSD and HDD, very nice. Worth a read if you have a machine like this.

  • Quote of the Day: Brent Simmons

    “I can always tell a long-time Windows user from a Mac user — Windows folks put two spaces after a period.” — Brent Simmons

  • Why not Windows?

    Omnigroup CEO Ken Case on why they don’t develop for Windows: >And again, our goal is not to make the most money—it’s to make the best software.

  • Buying New Tech

    If you are the geek in your family then you are likely the person that gets asked two things quite often: 1. What should I buy? 2. When should I buy it? The former is pretty easy now days: I just steer people to the current Apple tech that will best suit their needs. It’s…

  • Hipmunk Out for iPad

    My favorite flight search app (forget the web version) is now out for the iPad, and it is better than [its iPhone version](

  • The Real Reason There Was No Email On The BlackBerry PlayBook

    Jay Yarow: >Turns out it had to skip native email support on the PlayBook because its architecture can’t support two devices with one person’s account, according to a source. Man, you would think with two CEOs you would be able to foresee this kind of thing.

  • The “New” Nokia N9

    Everyone is all hot and bothered by this new [MeeGo Nokia N9]( (wait didn’t they declare this [OS dead already]( — wow that should help with 3rd party adoption). The phone is pretty looking, but it is comical to watch the videos they produced about the phone. The videos themselves are very good, but how…

  • Read & Trust Newsletter

    Today is newsletter day for those subscribed to the Read & Trust newsletter, the current edition is written by yours truly. It’s all about quality and creating quality. Sign up today and you not only get to see that one but you get the last four issues as well as news ones every week.

  • The Dropbox Security “Bug”

    Arash Ferdowsi n the Dropbox blog: >Yesterday we made a code update at 1:54pm Pacific time that introduced a bug affecting our authentication mechanism. We discovered this at 5:41pm and a fix was live at 5:46pm. A very small number of users (much less than 1 percent) logged in during that period, some of whom…

  • The price of “Free”

    Richard Muscat in what may be the best thing I will read all month: >Free rarely works, and all the times that it doesn’t, it undermines entrepreneurial creativity, destroys market value, delivers an inferior user experience and pumps hot air into financial bubbles. This is a *must* read if you always are wondering while I…

  • F’in Color

    Claire Cain Miller: >Photos might not even be a part of Color in the future, he said, though an engineer hired away from the computer-in-a-pen company Livescribe is working on ways for people to doodle on photos. Analysts are curious about whether Color can pull off a do-over — and whether it and other high-priced…

  • Android’s Patent Challenge

    Brandon Bailey: >Calling it “breathtaking” and “out of proportion to any meaningful measure,” Google (GOOG) attorneys revealed late Friday that an expert working for Oracle (ORCL) has estimated Google may owe $1.4 billion to $6.1 billion in damages in a patent dispute over the popular Android mobile operating system. Trial isn’t scheduled until the fall,…

  • Quote of the Day: Dave Winer

    “Everyone thinks that everyone reading on the iPad wants Flipboard. If I wanted it, I would read the web using Flipboard.” — Dave Winer

  • [SPONSOR] Tweed

    More and more people are using Twitter to post and comment on what they’re reading and writing. Tweed is an iPad app that keeps on top of this by filtering out just tweets with a URL in them and gives you a neat way to browse and short-list articles to read now or later. It’s…