Dan Frakes does a nice job detailing some of the new features to two of my favorite and daily used little apps: Fantastical and Moom.

The big addition to Fantastical is the ability to edit events in the app. Moom also has a big update: you can now have a little grid pop-up and you can draw the size of the window, neat stuff.

Both have a bunch of other adds and worth checking out if you were holding out for some odd reason.

Frakes on one of the great new features in Moom:

>The other big new feature is multi-window-layout snapshots. If you’ve got a favorite setup, with each program’s windows meticulously organized, you can take a snapshot of that layout and then use Moom to restore it at any time. This feature can be helpful for restoring order, but it’s also quite useful if, for example, you’ve got a Mac laptop and you regularly switch between using one display (just the laptop’s) and multiple displays (the laptop’s and an external display while at the office).

Posted by Ben Brooks