Craig Grannell talking about the conundrums that face ‘magazine’ type apps in the App Store:

>But that’s the problem with ‘free’: anyone can review, because anyone can download an app, without making any investment whatsoever. Typically, when people have paid money for something, they are more considered. And in making an app something other than free, you filter out the idiots.

For what it’s worth the Tap! magazine app is actually quite good and has great content, but he brings up a great point: so long as reviewers can review something just by installing it, we will have these problems. So should reviewers be required to have first used the app for X period of time? Or wait until X days after they purchased it? What then of new apps that are yearning for reviews to spur downloads?

If I was a magazine publisher, I’d charge for the app itself.

Posted by Ben Brooks