Steven Sande on somethings he really wants Siri to do for him:

>Finally, what about being able to do something like ask Siri to get a bunch of articles about a particular subject and put them into your Instapaper account? You say “Get me ten articles about terraforming Mars” and Siri grabs ten of the most popular web pages about the subject for you.

That’d be really neat actually. I think these types of articles really show just how fast people are taking to Siri — notice that he never said he wanted Siri to “actually work” because it already does.

This morning was the first time Siri was consistently running at full speed for me. On my drive in, using my Bluetooth headset cruising at fast speeds and listening to the radio it did the following:

– Texted my brother-in-law “happy birthday”.
– Set a reminder to go off when I got to my office.
– Checked the weather where my office is.
– Checked Apple’s stock price.

It was all trivial stuff, but I was grinning from ear to ear. Siri just worked perfectly and completed all these tasks with my eyes staying glued to the road — amazing.

Posted by Ben Brooks