I think Thurrott is mostly right about Microsoft killing the Courier:
>No, Microsoft was right to kill that device. I mentioned earlier that Microsoft is a platforms company and the big failing of the Courier is that it didn’t support a single successful Microsoft platform, not one. Well, that and the fact that no one was ever going to buy that thing, despite all the moaning and hand-wringing you see online these days to the contrary. You see the same arguments about a Zune device based on Windows Phone: Everyone says they want one, but if Microsoft produced it, they’d sell 6 copies.

I say mostly because:

1. I don’t think the Courier needed to support a “Microsoft platform” and
2. Because I think that if the Courier had shipped *before* the iPad they would have sold a ton, but waiting until after the iPad would have Zune’d it. ((That’s a thing, right?))

Interesting that Thurrott agrees that seemingly no matter how good it was to be — it would be destined to fail.

Posted by Ben Brooks