You have goals — use OmniFocus to reconstruct fragments of ideas or projects into actionable steps to complete those goals.

Move the responsibility of remembering daily tasks from your brain to OmniFocus — gather everything into the Inbox for later review, and then organize those bits into folders, projects, actions, and contexts.

OmniFocus is as simple or advanced as you decide to make it, and available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone with free cloud sync. Move past mere task management and get things done with precision.

Read more about OmniFocus [here](

### Editor’s Comment ###

That’s what the OmniGroup has to say about OmniFocus. If you search this site for “OmniFocus” you will get [237 results]( That’s quite a bit. [Here is my longstanding thought about OmniFocus](OmniFocus):

“As of right now there is no doubt in my mind that it is worth twice as much money.”

There are a lot of things on my Mac that I could use to replace other apps and I would get by just fine. But OmniFocus is completely irreplaceable to me.

Posted by Ben Brooks