Tim Chesney:
>Imagine if Ben Brooks wrote for The Verge. It wouldn’t take many Android-is shit-and-so-is-this-phone reviews before you just wouldn’t bother reading it. That’s why someone like Ben probably isn’t suited to a site like The Verge. It takes a special kind of person to really take each gadget at face value and actually get excited by the possibilities and weigh each of its merits.

Essentially the argument being made is that I am not suited for *The Verge* because I *have* an (admittedly strong) opinion?

The lack of opinion on *The Verge* **is** the problem with *The Verge*.

Now Chesney may argue that he likes *The Verge* the way it is now, but that simply doesn’t jive with the majority of the responses I am seeing to my post.

Posted by Ben Brooks