John Moltz responding to my statement that I have yet to see a Fire in public around Seattle:

>I’m not sure where Ben hangs out but I can tell you that I’ve seen a number of Kindle Fires on the Tacoma to Seattle Sounder which I ride every day (at least I do until the end of January). The older Kindles have traditionally been very popular with Sounder riders (iPads are also popular but less than the Kindle) and I would guess I’ve seen 10 or so Fires since they came out.

Makes sense that people who ride the Sounder train on a daily basis would have more of these types of devices.

Update: I can see this might be taken as a comment about the type of people that buy a Fire — those that ride a train. I actually just meant that people riding trains to work would likely want a tablet. Sorry for the confusion.

Posted by Ben Brooks