Rocky Agrawal:

>But what concerns me most is that Google is touting these meaningless statistics in the hopes that journalists will misunderstand them and report that Google+ is seeing rapid growth. The bottom line is, those 60 percents, 80 percents and 90 million registered users are just there to mask the fact that Google doesn’t want to tell us how many people are actually using Google+.

>It’s intellectually dishonest. And as a public company, it raises questions of Google’s intent — the market is watching Google’s moves in social and needs to see traction. I expect better from Google.

You should read this entire post, because it is a scathing look at how Google and other companies report numbers. The one thing I think Google really screws up are the vague “X devices *activated* this quarter” numbers they release for Android device usage.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep your head in the sand and trust Google.

Posted by Ben Brooks