Month: January 2012



  • The B&B Podcast – Episode 44: Before a Live Studio Audience

    Super short episode and the first recorded with us in the same room. Brought to you by: [Verses](

  • ‘Size Still Matters’

    Tim Bray has an interesting post on cellphone screen size, where he says: >I noticed right from the start that I was always using the bigger one whenever there was a choice […] He carries one work phone and one personal phone, but they are different sizes and he likes the bigger screen. Again, Bray:…

  • ‘Shipped, Not Sold’

    Speaking of MG Siegler he has a great post up about Motorola’s performance in Q4.

  • ‘Like Gasoline on a Fire’

    MG Siegler on Apple’s financial results: >A new iPhone plus holiday shopping season is apparently like gasoline on a fire. That’s why my bet is that Apple keeps this ‘new’ release schedule of a new iPhone every fall.

  • Siri Reliability

    Marco Arment on the reliability of Siri: >Anecdotally, I’ve had about a 50% failure rate recently. Same here and what’s more is that Siri not being ‘available’ is far more frustrating than Siri not understanding you.

  • Dalrymple on Apple’s iBooks Author EULA

    Jim Dalrymple on the iBooks EULA: >That doesn’t mean Apple owns the content of the book. You are free to sell the content of the book on Amazon or any other digital bookstore — you just can’t use Apple’s tools to build the book. If *The Beard* says it is so, then I believe it.

  • ‘Doing it Right Totally Sucks’

    Matt Drance: >Hollywood continues to completely ignore that lesson. It continues to punish the people who play by the rules with an insufferable customer experience. This is the sole reason piracy is up and profits are down: because *doing it right totally sucks*.

  • What Information is Google Organizing?

    Sarah Lacy: >Put another way, is Google moving from being a company that organizes the world’s information to one that organizes the information of “your” world? Yes. And I don’t think that’s good — it’s certainly not what I want.

  • Cool Guys Today

    A short hello video shot at Macworld. From left to right in the video it is: [Brett Kelly](, [Stephen Hackett](, me, and [Shawn Blanc](

  • Why Does the Next Xbox Need Discs?

    An interesting point from Dan Frommer: >If the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system will be designed to bring us well beyond 2020, why would it still rely on last century’s technology – spinning discs – for games? Of course the challenge, as Frommer points out, is the increasing size of games. It will…

  • ‘Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic’

    Brian Lam: >Happiness is the most important metric in personal technology. If it improves lives, it is important. I’ve always suspected that sitting around on the internet was a sort of rot, but I had no proof until I read this piece on the Stanford study. I just don’t know why this research isn’t getting as…

  • PDFpen for iPad

    Nice overview from Federico Viticci. I downloaded the app this morning and it really does look nice. The iCloud sync alone could be fantastic.

  • Quote of the Day: Dave Winer

    “Google’s feature-creep is creeping me out.” — Dave Winer

  • DuckDuckGo on Same Path as Google?

    Dave Winer: >DuckDuckGo could be that, except for this one problem. Imho, it’s inexorably on the same path that Google was on. That means they’re going to spend years of our time pretending that they are still on our side, until one day it’ll be blatantly obvious that we just wasted years waiting for them…

  • ‘Once Again, the Street Blew It’

    Philip Elmer-DeWitt after analyzing predictions by “Street analysts” and non-analysts(?) concludes: >Once again, the Street blew it. And although even the most bullish independents were surprised by the strength of Apple’s Q1 2012 results, at least they were in the ball park. Just look at the spreadsheet he put together — amazing how bad people…

  • ‘What Your Favorite Blog Says About You’

    Nick Douglas: >Daring Fireball: You know three ways to tell Helvetica from Arial. I’d add: *at least*.

  • The Google Privacy Changes

    [This article](, or versions like it, have been getting emailed and sent to me all day long. There’s three important things that you need to know from this article: 1. Google is changing its privacy policy. 2. The change allows Google to share your information with itself so that it can integrate it’s own products.…

  • The Seattle Snow Storm by the Numbers

    From the West Seattle Blog: >$1.35 million = projected total cost of storm response There’s *still* snow on the ground in some areas.

  • ‘It “only” took the iPhone 4S’

    MG Siegler: >Every single Android phone that Verizon sells — dozens of models — combined could not outsell the iPhone last quarter. [Like I said](, when are these non-Apple companies going to start making compelling devices?

  • DuckDuckGo WordPress Search

    Joshua Goodwin has a simple solution for WordPress users that doesn’t use the iFrame method for adding DuckDuckGo site search.