Month: January 2012



  • You Don’t Say?

    [Cameron Kaine, for *Seeking Alpha*, posted yesterday]( >With many investors (including yours truly) ready to proclaim retail and technology giant Amazon (AMZN) as the No. 1 contender to Apple (AAPL), this makes its upcoming earnings announcement on Tuesday all the more interesting. and: >It was an instant success and was termed the “iPad killer” – […]

  • Apple’s Greatness, and Its Shame

    Andrew Winston: >But would anybody in their right mind be disappointed with $16.5 billion in quarterly cash flow instead of $17.5 billion? Yes, Wall Street. But then again you did qualify that with “right mind”. This is an incredibly over simplified view of the problem — paying more for manufacturing doesn’t solve the core issue. […]

  • Use Launch Center to Go Directly to Adding a New Task in OmniFocus

    Just as the title says, you can enter a URL scheme in App Cubby’s [Launch Center]( which takes you directly into OmniFocus’ Quick Entry screen. It’s dead simple [given this forum post]( ### Steps 1. In Launch Center tap `Add New Launch…` 2. Tap `Launch Website/App` 3. Enter a title of your choosing. 4. For […]

  • App Cubby’s Launch Center

    Not much tech news invaded Macworld, but Launch Center did manage to get talked about quite a bit. I had a chance to download and toy with it while I was down at Macworld and I think it is one of those apps like Keyboard Maestro: it can be really good if you put in […]

  • ‘Culture of Arrogance’

    Paul Robert Lloyd on Facebook: >Over time, I found it became less valuable; a utility for procrastination. As the company sought rapid growth, the design moved away from encouraging users to create close personal networks, towards openly sharing every aspect of their lives, with everybody and often unknowingly. True, but this bit is pretty scathing: […]

  • ‘No Longer Loving Google’

    Nelson Minar on Google’s “Don’t be evil” mantra: >But I think Google as an organization has moved on; they’re focussed now on market position, not making the world better. Which makes me sad. Minar doesn’t think Google is disregarding their mantra, but I do. I think his above statement is actually pretty accurate because Google […]

  • Introducing the Updated Ristretto

    Great update. It addresses my biggest complaint: the open front pouch that used to let all my stuff spill out. Very nice.

  • The State of Apple | Macworld

    This was a great talk by Jason Snell, Andy Ihnatko, and John Gruber.

  • ‘People Are Spouting Nonsense About Chinese Manufacturing’

    Tim Worstall: >Boycotting Apple for better Foxconn wages and conditions is like having sex for virginity. Entirely counter-productive and exactly the wrong thing to be doing. Sounds about right to me.

  • ‘Book References in the Digital Age’

    Chuck Skoda: >How do we reference locations in electronic books? Historically, it’s been easy to throw out a page number, and many people were likely to have the same edition as you or at least one with the same page layout.

  • iFixit Thirsty Bag

    Georgia for iMore: >Inside the iFixit Thirsty Bag you’ll find two “molecular sieve packets”. Each of these contains powerful liquid absorption material that, according to iFixit, can reduce the atmospheric humidity to 1% RH and suck up pretty much all liquid inside your device over night. Sounds like a fantastic piece of emergency kit to […]

  • Quote of the Day: Jason Kottke

    “I have a Kindle that I use to collect dust.” — Jason Kottke

  • Déjà Vu

    Déjà Vu is your visual memory. Use the app by taking pictures of things you would like to remember. For example, products you see in a magazine, recipes you read in a cooking book, wine labels in a restaurant, Newspaper article, DVDs, CDs or event flyers. Each picture is a visual memo. A regular camera […]

  • ‘The Friction in Frictionless Sharing’

    Nick Bradbury on Facebook’s frictionless sharing and why it adds more friction: >Because in the past the user only had to decide whether to share something they just read, but now they have to think about every single article before they even read it. *If I read this article, then everyone will know I read […]

  • Adding a Custom DuckDuckGo Search Bar to Your Site

    While at Macworld my buddy Pat Dryburgh told me that he updated the DuckDuckGo search field on the bottom of this site. We just pushed the changes today and it looks fantastic. Actually, the search field just looks like it always did. Pat just posted about how you add the very same to your site, […]

  • Do you have the paperback or the hardcover?

    Earlier today [I posted a link]( to [Marco Arment’s “iBook and iAd pluralization”]( post. In my link post I said: >With this method (as I read it) this statement would not be correct: “I own the Steve Jobs iBook.” Instead it seems the correct statement would be: “I own the Steve Jobs book, from the […]

  • What day was Ice Cube’s ‘Good Day’?


  • The Trouble With Free

    Matthew Yglesias: >And so once the basic business proposition is “this company will make the most amazing Web services available and give them away for free in order to sell you to advertisers,” plummeting levels of privacy become inevitable. Very true, he also asks the million dollar question: >The business question is that if we […]

  • iBook and iAd Pluralization

    Marco Arment: >The books available on the iBookstore are just called books. I had no clue, but this seems *more* clumsy. With this method (as I read it) this statement would not be correct: “I own the *Steve Jobs* iBook.” Instead it seems the correct statement would be: “I own the *Steve Jobs* book, from […]

  • ‘The Android Oil Rig’

    MG Siegler on Android’s money making ability compared to Apple’s iOS: >Google’s best shot to turn Android into a business with iPhone-like profits would be to create an Android-powered oil rig and get drilling.  As Siegler states, it doesn’t seem silly to think that one day Android will make Google money, but it does seem […]