Paul Asselin: ((Also kudos for using, but no byline is annoying — I wonder if this is a limitation?))
>iCloud is unpractical and reserved for the Mac addict that never touches any other computer.

He’s pissed that Apple didn’t make a Windows compatible cloud environment. I think this is a pretty short sighted look at iCloud. When and where iCloud works it is a fantastic service — leaps and bounds better than Dropbox. However Apple is still working out some rather large “hiccups” with the system.

I don’t think it is fair to write off iCloud just yet — my best guess is that once it is working perfectly on the Mac, Apple will begin to explore ways to give Windows users some sort of access.

And as far as this statement goes:

>Apple would gain so much love if it just open sourced everything.

They may gain love from geeks, but certainly not from investors — look no further than what Amazon did with Android. That is all the reason Apple needs to steer clear of such a path.

**Update**: Looks like the post was removed, luckily [Google has a cached page here]( The article has been replaced with a similar, but [different post]( ((A post I still disagree with.))

Posted by Ben Brooks