Artemisia Ng in Hong Kong and Melanie Lee in Shanghai:
>A Chinese tech firm claiming to own the “iPad” trademark plans to seek a ban on shipments of Apple Inc’s computer tablets into and out of China, a lawyer for the company, Proview Technology (Shenzhen), said on Tuesday.

It’s a boring legal dispute, but imagine the repercussions of Proview winning this.

1. No one would be getting iPads — the import **and** export will be blocked.
2. Foxconn workers would be laid off.

Basically this is more than just not being able to buy an iPad, or seeing iPad delays — it would have a huge impact on the Chinese work force and one of the largest employers: Foxconn.

Should be interesting to watch.

(Apple, of course, says they already own the trademark from Proview.)

Posted by Ben Brooks