I know what you are probably thinking: “Ben why are you linking to a ceiling exhaust fan?” Because it is one hell of a ceiling exhaust fan that’s why. A couple of months ago — maybe more — I received a random message from Marco Arment that said I needed to file something away for future purchase — it was this fan. He said it was amazingly quiet.

So I asked my father about it — he’s a commercial contractor — and it turns out he just installed one in his house. He said the same thing Marco did: it’s amazingly quiet. The reviews on Amazon were along the same lines.

I installed one over the weekend and can say when the shower is running you can’t hear the sound of the fan over the noise from the water. In fact, I think most of the noise the fan makes is from the air rushing through it. I never thought I would write this much about a ceiling fan, but I just did, because I love it.

Go get it.

Posted by Ben Brooks