Shawn Blanc:
>What is Condé Nast going to do with their magazine apps? Their current issues (which use images even for text) are going to look horrible on the Retina display and if they start making their files 4x bigger then the downloads will get even more ridiculous — growing into the ballpark of an 800 MB file. At that size, after few back issues of The New Yorker and Wired and your iPad’s storage will be maxed out.

First, isn’t it just 2x bigger on the iPad? But Shawn makes a great point here: the decision of magazines publishers to use crappy image only tools for text is going to show how short-sighted of a decision it was on March 16th 2012. Here’s hoping magazines pull their collective heads our of their collective asses and use better tools.

Update: About the 4x versus 2x debate. It’s 4x the pixels, but my thought is that is misleading because you are basically just doubling the size. Looks like I am wrong, or at least in the minority on this thinking though. Oh well.

Update 2: Yeah, I am wrong about the sizes. Not the first time. Carry on, nothing to see here.

Posted by Ben Brooks