A while back when I was worried about the inevitable death of Flickr I decided to look around at other online photography options. 500px came right up to the top of the list and I signed up for an account (paid account) right away. I loved the design of the site and it seemed like a really nice place to be.

Fast forward to last week, with the arrival of my daughter, I needed a place to share photos with my family. I decided that 500px would be that place, not Flickr. With their [Lightroom plugin](http://500px.com/lightroom), it is really a snap to add pictures, well and drag and drop at least.

Now a week into really using the site I can see that this is *the* site I will be using for my photos. What a fantastic service. They also received a bunch of due praise this week for their readable and understandable [terms of service](http://500px.com/terms).

A great service run by some great photographers.

Posted by Ben Brooks