Another iPad app, this time a calendar app. I just saw this last night in the top paid list in the App Store. I downloaded it and played with it.

Before I go any further I need to stop and talk about the icon. It’s not hideous, but I have to wonder what in the hell they are trying to do with it. It resembles a moleskin, but the app is a calendar app — no matter how much they try to sell it as a “planning” app. Maybe I am missing something.

Overall the app isn’t anything really special in this category, but it has a couple of things I found noteworthy:

1. The app is slow to open, but once open your data is all there and there quickly. If you flip through the month view there is no pause to load in new calendar data or jittery scrolling.
2. This is also a weather app, kind of. There is a nice current time indicator and weather symbol in the upper right corner. It just shows the current weather condition (cloudy, sunny) and the time and date. Since this app hides the status bar, these are welcomed additions in that location and I thought it clever to add a little weather status in the app.

Overall I might actually use this app if they changed the icon and removed the branding and quotes from the top left. I find it minimal looking and clean, not too bad.

Posted by Ben Brooks