Today the [TSA groped a congressman’s balls enough that he pushed the agents hands away, claiming](–Video-of-TSAs-aggressive-pat-down-of-Congressman-Canseco-150109935.html):

>The agent was very aggressive in his pat down and he was patting me down where no one is suppose to go and it got very uncomfortable, so I moved his hand away

That sounds like it would cost extra.

[In Salt Lake City a Type One Diabetic]( (hat tip to [Douglas Stephen]( — the type that wears an Insulin pump 24/7 — was forced to go through the body scanner, even after she showed TSA “officers” a note from her doctor explaining the pump should *not* go through such scanners. No worries, it ended up a-OK, well if you consider a broken $10,000 Insulin pump, and putting a teenagers health at risk to be an a-OK outcome.

I don’t. Also when you have a 16 year-old calling for a government agency to be better educated, well then you kind of know you failed.

As a result of the CIA, not the TSA, foiling a bomb plot — well the TSA took it upon themselves [to send a “security guidance” to other countries]( No word yet on whether the other countries have stopped laughing.

Oh and speaking of that foiled bomb plot — [yeah looks like the TSA wouldn’t have even noticed the bomb had the person wearing the bomb been scanned with a body scanner]( — so there’s that.

And that is your TSA update for today.

Posted by Ben Brooks