Posting a link to myself here, because it’s time again to remind people of what Andrew Turnbull so succinctly [said today](

>@BenjaminBrooks the best (and worst) thing about Twitter is that you are in charge of your own experience.

So very spot on. This morning I blocked a bunch of people, truthfully I have been blocking a bunch of people for months now. If the unfollow/follow button is how I control what I see in my Timeline, the block button does the same for what I see in my mentions tab. That’s all there is to it, if you were/are blocked it’s because I just don’t care to see you clutter my mentions tab up. ((There’s lots of people that speculate that I block anyone who disagrees with me — which is just not true. I do, however, tend to block people that tweet disagreements at me every time I post something on the web — that’s why the button is there.))

Maybe this seems harsh, but it makes Twitter better for *me* and truly that’s what I care about.

Posted by Ben Brooks