Josh Constine writing about Facebook Exchange, a new way to show users ads:
>For example a travel site could serve ads about a flight to Hawaii to someone who almost bought a flight on their site. Advertisers might pay big premiums for highly-accurate targeting. Users will be able to opt out of Facebook Exchange via third-party demand-side platforms, but they can’t opt out of the program completely from within the social network.

So this program is opt-out only, but the user can only opt-out from each advertiser by clicking a little `x` when they see the ad? What could go wrong?

One thing that Constine also notes is that this also a good way to show ads for things that are *currently* happening, like TV programs about to air. This is all really neat from an advertising and technology stand point, but this sounds like a horrible thing for users. It’s like you need to actively monitor what you do, or you may begin to see ads for that crap everywhere.

Posted by Ben Brooks