Squarespace recently launched version 6 of their web hosting/CMS system. I have personally used Squarespace for a while now for a personal site and for my company’s website — it’s a fantastic platform on rock solid hosting.

[David Sparks now has MacSparky](http://macsparky.com/) on Squarespace 6, if you want a look at what a good blog looks like on it (including the ability to do proper linked list posts).

If I were just getting started with blogging I would go with Squarespace without hesitation for a few reasons:

1. The themes are stunning.
2. Incredibly easy to build, with tons of later flexibility.
3. Solid hosting, done inexpensively.

What I don’t know, and what I would like to know more about, is how easy it is to move from Squarespace to WordPress — if it is as easy as it is to go the other way, then it is a no-brainer to go with Squarespace. (Unless of course you do something crazy like implement a paywall.)

Posted by Ben Brooks