Steven Levy following up his fantastic post about Mayer last week, adds this fuel to the fire:
>In short, Marissa Mayer has developed a deep connection to over three hundred of most talented tech people in Silicon Valley. They may still be at Google, they may have moved to companies like Facebook or Dropbox, or they may have started their own budding enterprises like Optimizely. But in some sense they are all Marissa’s acolytes.

He’s referring to the fact that Mayer ran the coveted APM program — the program that Google created to train future Google leaders. It was her program Levy notes and those then went through the program are “bonded” to Mayer.

What’s interesting in the above quote is that Levy uses the term “Marissa’s acolytes” and not “Google’s acolytes”. Those two words are telling not just for the future of Yahoo, but for the future of Google.

The more I reader about Mayer, the more obvious it is to me just how big of a loss she was for Google — what remains to be seen is if she can translate that value to another company.

Posted by Ben Brooks