A clever hack to an Ikea shelving unit which turns it into a decent looking desk. I have two of these shelving units, but know that they make larger ones, so I am betting you could make a pretty sweet standing desk using this technique — if you have, let me know.

Personally I was in Ikea over the weekend and [saw these wall mounted desk/tables](http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80217524/). I really liked them and am thinking about building a similar desk.

My idea would be to have a permanent lower desk that was sitting height, it would have a 24″ or so leaf that drops back towards the wall. Then above it I would have a wall mounted desk that opens up at standing height. The lower desk would be out of the way for my legs, but still be able to hold hard drives and such on the back.

I would like to design it so that the top of the standing desk would make a nice clean backdrop for the sitting desk. Anyways, just my thoughts for now as I am thinking through several desk designs that I want to build.

Posted by Ben Brooks