[Shawn and I talked about this on *The B&B Podcast* episode 74](http://5by5.tv/bb/74). Basically this is a 20-inch multi-touch display that houses a “full” computer in the same way that an iMac would. The difference is that this is made to be moved off of a desk and used as a tablet, or whatever. You have to love the way the Sony confusingly describes the product:

>Portable, battery-powered VAIO™ Tap 20 fits right into any living space – from bedrooms and kids’ play areas to the kitchen or garden. Lay it on a coffee table and let everyone join in games on the large multi-touch screen. Flip out the in-built stand and tilt VAIOTM Tap 20 at a comfortable angle for ‘lean back’ photo/movie editing by touch operation, browsing and entertainment. Or stand it upright and use as a fully-functioning desktop PC: it’s easy to work on documents, surf or check emails with the supplied wireless keyboard and mouse.

Sounds to me like they are billing it as a replacement, or better option, than:

– A tablet.
– A laptop.
– A desktop.

Essentially it is all three in one. It has a battery with unknown battery life, it has a stand, a multi-touch display, weighs north of 10 pounds, has an ethernet port, and *so* much more.

All I can think is: my god this is a bad idea.

I am usually pretty good at figuring out scenarios where a device or gadget would fill a need, and perhaps even fill the need better than other devices for a certain niche of people, but with the VAIO Tap 20 I was at a loss. It’s not going to be a better desktop computer than a true desktop, it’s going to make for an even worse laptop, and an still even worse tablet.

I’ve been wracking my brain on this one since talking to Shawn about it and I think I have it: it’s the ultimate board game.

No really, think about it. The biggest pain in the ass factor with board games is setting them up, with the VAIO Tap 20, you just launch the game you want to play, it deals out the (whatever for the game) and then you play — hell you could even save the game and resume later (handy for playing me in Monopoly).

So there you have it: Sony has made the ultimate board game computer system.

Posted by Ben Brooks