I’m actually linking to Gruber, not the [*The Verge* post](http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/5/3294545/nokias-pureview-ads-are-fraudulent) for one specific reason, this quote:

>Bullshit. It’s clear that this was meant to demonstrate footage shot using the Lumia itself.

Keep this quote in mind every time you see a gadget commercial — Apple included — because if you don’t read the “fine print” then you are going to be woefully disappoint the first time you use Siri, or Android.

Off the top of my head, here’s some things I can think of that are not “as they seem” (and yes, most are qualified with fine print):

– Siri’s speed.
– iPhone app switching speed.
– 4G LTE Speed.
– AT&T coverage.
– Aperture not crashing or “beach balling” the system.
– Users knowing what the back button does in Android every time.
– People standing in line for non-Apple gadgets.
– People in line for Apple gadgets wanting anything Samsung makes.
– The Mariners hitting home runs, well that’s technically not related.

You get my point. What Nokia did is clearly bullshit, but it’s the same bullshit every other company pulls.

Though, to be fair to Gruber, this is particularly egregious brand of bullshit from Nokia.

Posted by Ben Brooks