Here’s the story: you get through security at the airport after being given cancer, or being groped, to get a nice hot cup of something resembling coffee from Starbucks, only to then be stopped by TSA as you drink it — because that now might be a bomb. I mean, you were cleared through security, but who knows what you have now done to your drink. TSA says this isn’t new, it’s been in place since 2007, which only makes me shake my head more.

Assuming TSA does a top-notch job all the way around((It took forever to get the tears of laughter out of my eyes to finish writing that phrase.)) , where’s the potential for that cup of `joe` to be anything but a milky-coffee-ish drink? I mean TSA screened the purchaser **and** cleared them, screened the Starbucks employees **and** cleared them, and screen everything coming into the Starbucks that made that drink **and** yet again cleared those items.

So, TSA, what changed that all of a sudden gives you reason to doubt your own competency?

Posted by Ben Brooks