Lukas Mathis on the iPhone 5’s screen size:

>There is no one perfect screen size that fits everybody’s hands.

He has a screenshot of what looks to be the iPhone 5 commercial. The thing that strikes me most about that commercial is that Apple is clearly trying to convey to skeptics that you can easily reach all the edges of the screen with your thumb, but yet the most difficult corner to reach — the one where the camera icon is in the screenshot — is never attempted to be reached by the thumb in the ad. Why? Because to do so you have to stretch your hand and strain is shown in the hand — go ahead and try it — I can reach all four corners, but for the furthest corner I have to strain my hand just a tad to reach it.

Is this a deal breaker? Not for me, but then again I have large hands — my wife would likely be seriously annoyed by this. And indeed the other night she told me something along the lines of: “Does Apple just not care about women? No woman could easily reach all the corners, this sucks.”

I wish someone would take their iPhone 5 around and take pictures of people’s hands trying to reach that furtherest corner, just to see if this really is an issue or not.

Posted by Ben Brooks