John Moltz:
>My point is that I have yet to see anyone prove that you can get one device to do it all by either scaling up from a mobile operating system or down from a desktop operating system.

Fantastic point. Moreover I think this explains why I am not one of those people that can use an iPad exclusively. Wait, I mean, I *could* use only an iPad, but I *chose* not to. And I have been wondering why lately, especially given how much I actually love my iPad and *like* the idea of using it more and more.

That’s the thing though, because the iPad is fantastic at somethings and I *will* go out of my way to use it for those things. However, I don’t like going out of my way to use it for things that I already own gadgets that do that thing better. I’m not wanting to make calls on my iPad, or edit photos on it — but I always want to use Instapaper on it.

I am guessing the solution is what I am only just not getting a taste of with iCloud. That behind-the-scenes-sync that just puts the data where I need it, when I need it. Moving from iA’s Writer across my devices truly is seamless for me — to me that’s far better and more productive that just having one device that does it all.

Posted by Ben Brooks