The Prey blog lists out 5 spots your laptop is likely to be stolen from — you should feel safer if you have Prey installed, you have it installed right? Two things that caught my eye:

1. They note that your office is a likely target. I’ve thought a lot about this and often our office is pretty open and I leave for hours with my laptop sitting where anyone could grab it and dash out. In the past I put locks on my laptops, but for a while now I haven’t had a laptop with a spot to lock it, this seems like a flaw with Apple products to me. Prey and Find my Mac are great, but they are reactive measures not proactive measures. Honestly now that I think about it, I think I will just take my laptop with me.
2. I like the note that a fancy case attracts people to the device. It’s interesting, because as Mac geeks we like to enclose our expensive computers in expensive/nice cases. I know I won’t stop doing it, but I certainly will think twice about feeling safe leaving it in plain sight in my car, or elsewhere.

All-in-all, good reminders.

Posted by Ben Brooks