Jeff Bartlett for Consumer Reports:
>Overall, Apple impressed our staff with the graphic presentation for the interface, results, signage, and points of interest info. However, there is less customization throughout than Google–a mixed blessing when driving, where distractions can be dangerous. Google comes across as more business like and less fun.

Usually I can’t stand to read a Consumer Reports, well, anything, but Bartlett offers a well reasoned and researched post. Hats off.

He sums up the maps situation really well, even though he is only focusing on the navigation element:

>When getting down to the nitty gritty, Google provides a better overall package, but we feel that both provide a good solution for standard software. We expect the competition between the companies will benefit customers with ongoing improvements.

In other words his entire post spells out the fact that the Apple Maps are not as good as Google’s, but that they do still work and are expected to get better. ((It’s like Hell froze over.))

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Posted by Ben Brooks