Tiffany Hsu:
>Tired of being used as showrooms by customers testing products in person before buying them cheaper online, Target and Best Buy have both pledged to offer the same prices in stores as major Internet shops.

It’s about time, as it made no sense for them to be higher. Now, price is the only factor for why Amazon is so successful [as I have said before](, but there is one thing online never has: crowds.

I don’t shop online because it is cheaper — I’d actually be willing to pay more to shop online — no I shop online because there is far less hassle. What would take me 15 minutes to walk into a store and purchase takes me less than 3 minutes to purchase online. No retail store, not even Apple, can beat that. Until they do, things like this won’t matter.

*(Truth be told, what does matter is layaway programs — those are driving people into stores like mad.)*

Posted by Ben Brooks