Chris Foresman for Ars on the “light, performance, value” aspects of the 13″ retina MacBook Pro:
>If you truly want something that’s sort of a compromise of all three qualities, then the 13″ MacBook Pro just might suit you.

The 13″ MacBook Pro has always kind of fit that category: not *that* light, not *that* fast, and kind of cheap. It is also probably the most popular Mac.

For me though the retina Macs are solely about the display. If you get one of these machines you get it for the display, all other aspects are secondary to that. So I don’t necessarily think that the 13″ retina MacBook Pro is a bad machine, if you want a retina screen that is 13″, it’s the best and only option. That’s not bad — it just is.

Posted by Ben Brooks