Rob Williams:
>The answer of just how wrong Microsoft is to cram advertisements in its commercial software will differ from person to person, I’m sure. Me, I’m not too bothered, but I can totally relate to anyone who is. From all I can tell, none of the ads are intrusive, and I appreciate that.

Actually I doubt there will be that many differing opinions on this: it’s a stupid as fuck move. The commenters on the article say this is in built-in apps and Microsoft is using these ads to showcase advertising potential to developers . As for the ads not being intrusive, bullshit. Just look at the two screenshots and tell me that’s not intrusive. The Pantene ad takes up a huge portion of the screen and is ugly as sin.

The only time I can recall seeing ads in a Mac app was, I think, Tweetie for Mac ((I at least know it was a Twitter client.)) had partnered with Fusion Ads to show ads for those that did not pay for the app. I really hated that move.

Since I took the time to read the comments, I must share my favorite comment with you, from `vitriolix`:

>Kindle Fire has ads in the OS.

If I’m Microsoft, that’s worse than Windows 8 being compared to Chrome OS.

UPDATE: [It was Tweetie](, and Twitterrific still does it I am told.

Posted by Ben Brooks